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Portfolio Galleries

The Portfolio gallery features editorial, documentary, landscape, portraiture and promotional images from self-initiated and client projects.

Single Images

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Collection of single images featuring documentary and editorial photography by Richard Flint Photography

Scotland: Lowlands, Highlands and Islands

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SCOTLAND: Lowlands, Highlands and Islands | Landscape/Documentary Photography

This landscape and documentary photography project follows a number of routes through Scotland from the borders through to the highlands and the Hebrides.

The first trip cemented a relationship with Scotland that will last all my life. The diversity and beauty of the country never fails to amaze me, and i never feel more at home than when i’m amongst the mountains and lochs of the Highlands. Much like the Norfolk project, this is a photography project with no end date. I imagine that it will be a ‘work in progress’ until the time i can no longer physically continue to take images.

The scope of the photography is huge. So far the images cover mostly a narrow area of the Highlands and Skye, but the aim is to add more areas in the future. Fortunately the Scottish Borders are around an hour’s drive from where i live, so the opportunity to regularly continue the photography in the southern Scotland is there. The northern areas also include plenty of potential too with the Outer Hebrides being one area of interest for future project development. It’s going to be a great project to contribute to over the coming years.

The photography has been a mix of mediums including mobile photography. Instagram has been especially useful for showing images as journeys have progressed – certainly a good section of the 700+ images on my Instagram page have been taken in Scotland with the Two Towns photography being an prominent offshoot of this project.

Future plans include the development of several photobooks, large format photography, multimedia and more. Work is currently well under-way on a photography book bringing images together from four trips to the Highlands of Scotland and Skye.

Prints are available and can be purchased here or direct from the photographer.

Sea, Sky, Sand and Street

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SEA, SKY, SAND and STREET | Landscape and Street Photography Book

Originally created as a PDF book, this gallery features an extended gallery of 115 images shot for the Sea, Sky, Sand and Street photography book released in the summer of 2011. The book can be purchased from Blurb HERE. This extended gallery contains photography not featured in the book, edited down from the 400 images taken for the project using an iPhone.

Incorporating landscape, still-life and street photography, Sand, Sky, Sea and Street features work  shot in a variety of rural, urban and coastal locations along the north Norfolk coast. A big influence on the project was J C Tordai’s excellent 1993 photography book that documented the northern English county of Northumberland.

The project confirmed to me that mobile photography had a future and was a useful tool for photographers. It also captured a specific time in my life and the end of regular visits to Norfolk that started back in 1996. No doubt i will go back to that fantastic county, but it won’t be quite the same as before. Places change and we change too.

A detailed account of the project can be found HERE

The photography was used in two books, the first being a PDF photobook for the Solo Photo Book Month Project in 2011, an online photographic project (sadly the project closed in 2011 due to rising costs of running the porject) where the participants had to shoot, edit and design a PDF photo book in 31 days. Sea, Sky, Sand and Street was the last book (and the best book!) I produced for the Solo Photo Book Month project.

The PDF books from the Solo Photo Book Month projects are located in the photobooks section of the website.

The Norfolk Project

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THE NORFOLK PROJECT | Landscape and Documentary Photography

Part documentary and part landscape, the photographs here are part of a self-initiated long term project documenting the social, historical and geographic aspects of the English county of Norfolk using digital, 35mm and 645/6×6 medium format photography.

The Norfolk project really started to take shape in 2001 with the idea to document an English county and to have an long term photography project. Some photographs had been shot prior to 2001, with some early photography and idea for a project going back to 1998. These images have also been added into the project. The photographs of the memorials on the clifftop at Hunstanton were among those early images.

The photography book ‘Photographer’s Britain – Northumberland’ by photographer John Tordai was a big influence – the 1993 photography book being a mixture of documentary and landscape photography documenting the varied geography and history of Northumberland in the north east of England.

New project material was last shot in September 2016 during a week long visit to the county (the final few images in the gallery starting with the couple on windswept beach) but otherwise the Norfolk Project is currently on hold. It will return at a later date.

A photography book is planned and the webpage for that can be found HERE

A detailed account of the Norfolk Project can be found via the featured photography page located HERE

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