News Updates

News Updates

New Beginnings

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Its been quiet, here in the website news section, over the last few months. Last year turned out to be a very sad and eventful one with the death of my Mother to cancer.  With her death comes the need to move on and make a new start. It’s time to make some changes.

In the next few weeks, i will be leaving north Yorkshire and moving to County Durham, to a location a stone’s throw from the Northumberland border. After 16 years of providing photography, websites and media in the North Yorkshire area, i will be winding down the commercial photography side of the business. The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that several of the portfolio galleries have already been removed from the site covering the photography practice i no longer cover as a photographer.

Check the services page for updated details about what i now cover as a photographer.

Otherwise it is very much business as usual. The image repair, retouching and copying service will continue along with the other services mentioned on the website. The websites,blogs and social media streams will also continue to operate as before.

More news will be posted soon.

Over the Summer

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You may have noticed that the website has been rather quiet over the last few months; indeed the last news item posted was in May!

Sadly, back in July, it was confirmed that my mother had terminal cancer. The effect of this has been very disruptive to both the emotions and everyday life – the only thing you do is just take each day as it comes. Looking long term is a luxury that I, my father and sister, now no longer have. Work has also had to take it’s place in the line regarding priority though so far the disruption has been minimal.

There will be many changes coming over the next year or two, including changes to Richard Flint Photography as a business. I will not be leaving photography but the business model and location will be radically changing. More details about that nearer the time.


Pinning on Pinterest

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I seem to have had a revelatory moment over the weekend when it comes to Pinterest, a photo sharing website that I’ve had an account with for some time (18 months or more) but could never work out what to do with. Well suddenly the answers fell into place.

I logged into Pinterest again to have another look and was suddenly confronted by some really interesting portrait pins (or photos to the rest of us) of several Vietnam war photojournalists that inspired me to become a photographer. Many of these images I’d never seen before and included names such as Catherine Leroy, Sean Flynn, Dana Stone and David Douglas Duncan. Often you get to see the images by these photographers but never the actual person behind the camera. It’s great being able to see and bookmark these images for future reference, although i have to admit the copyright issue is a slight concern. It’s early days for my Pinterest page but I’m enjoying it and finding it useful for my photography.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarized the Pinterest company as a “catalog of ideas,” rather than as a social network and i think that a pretty accurate description of what Pinterest is about. I’ve found that the boards (Pinterest allows users to save images and categorize them on different boards) are quite insightful into the Pinterest user – more so than other websites. I currently have fourteen boards which cover subjects from photojournalism to stage and theatre. Alan Rickman seems to appear a lot too. Bizarrely I found a photo location in Edinburgh I’m going to use later in the year via a 1991 Edinburgh fringe publicity photo featuring Alan doing the Tango!

More about that in a later post… 🙂

My Pinterest page can be found at

A Website Shop and more coming soon

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Glencoe, Highlands of Scotland, 2015

It’s been around a year since the new website design was launched and over the last 12 months a number of changes and improvements have been made to the site.

This year the focus has been on speeding up the website, improving the menu system and adding a new slideshow system to the gallery. The biggest, and most exciting change however will arrive next month when the website will feature a shop where prints can be purchased direct from my good self.

Powered by the Woocommerce system and using PayPal for payment, the store will initially contain a limited series of 20×16 inch framed prints, starting with my Scotland landscapes (including the shot of Glencoe seen above), that will be numbered and signed. I’m keeping things simple to start with but I will  add other items at a later date along with new print finishes etc.

The second big change concerns the news section itself. I’ve decided to add more posts to the site and broaden the current remit of the news section to include posts with new photography, video and audio. The news area of the website is being underused at the moment and the change will make the news section more dynamic and varied.

Both the shop and the news changes will come into effect in June.

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