Photograph Repair and Restoration

The photograph repair and restoration service, with nearly 30 years of Photoshop experience, can repair damaged digital photo files, photographic prints, negatives and transparencies to extend the life of a much-loved image. Photograph Repair The repair and restoration service provides two options for damaged images. Repair covers images with light or medium-damaged areas where the core details of the photograph remain intact. Restoration is about bringing a seriously damaged image back to its original state. Seriously faded, torn or damaged photographs can be repaired using this service to create a new version of the original.  Negatives, Transparencies and Digital Images Damaged digital files, negatives and slides can be repaired or restored to produce a new photograph, negative or slide. Details can still be recovered even from seriously damaged images. Images larger than 12×10 can be difficult to scan due to the physical size of the print and the limited availability of large-size scanners. A more cost-effective solution can be to photograph the original image with a camera. This provides a … Continue reading Photograph Repair and Restoration