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Released regularly, the Richard Flint Photography podcast features photography news, photo projects, website and podcast links, multimedia, videos, photography articles, details about upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards, and more. Several bonus podcasts are also recorded each year.

Available in an easily downloaded audio format, the photography podcast is released regularly (around six episodes a year plus a number of special podcasts focusing on photo projects. The podcast covers all sorts of photography-related topics that include photography books, photographers, classic and contemporary photojournalism, landscapes and locations, etc.

Podcast Content

Each episode features a number of recommended links to online galleries, multimedia featuring contemporary and classic work by a wide range of photographers both old and new. From Niépce through to Nachtwey, the podcast covers all aspects of photography with a particular focus on photojournalism. A few bonus podcasts are also recorded each year either on location somewhere in the UK or looking closer at a particular subject.

Podcast Links Page

All of the weblinks for the online digital content mentioned in the podcasts, including an archive of past links from podcasts going back to 2010, can be found on the dedicated podcast links page at

Although the podcasts do look at the technical elements of photography from time to time, the processes of image-making, the photography itself, and the photographers who make those fantastic images are the main focus of the podcast. The focus is on the image, the process of taking photographs, and not the equipment used.

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Subscribing to the podcast is easy using Apple iTunes, Android, or Spotify. The archive links below are also available to download the podcasts as an MP3 audio file.

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RFP Podcast: January 2022 The Richard Flint Photography Podcast

Back after an enforced break with a quick update. The RFP Redbubble shop gets close to 400 photos available to purchase as prints etc with a new collection of archive photos. In the links are award winning photographs by Sally Mann, images from a British Army Tank unit and a look at the work of street photographer Sabine Weiss who died recently aged 97. All the links can be found on the links page. Details at Released regularly, the Richard Flint Photography audio podcast contains news, featured photographers, upcoming exhibitions, links to photography plus more.
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  4. Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street – Final Mooring
  5. Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street – Fishing Boat at Sheringham
  6. Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street – Mother and Son
  7. RFP Podcast: June/July 2021
  8. Bonus Podcast: Mull of Galloway, Scotland – May 2021
  9. RFP Podcast: April/May 2021
  10. RFP Podcast: February/ March 2021

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