What digital imaging services are provided

The Photoshop digital imaging services provide digital restoration/repair, retouching and copying services.

The repair service provides a lifeline to badly damaged photographs, retouching can alter and improve an image, and the copying service provides a simple print slide or negative copying solution.

What happens to the original image supplied for copying, repair etc?

The original image is scanned to provide a digital copy that can be worked on in Photoshop. When it has been scanned the original plays no further part in the process. No work is carried out on the original image itself and it is not sent away to a lab.  If necessary the image can be scanned while you wait so that you don’t have to leave it anywhere. 

The original is badly damaged, faded etc, is a repair possible?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Even badly faded images can be brought back to life digitally. The only issue that needs to be considered when repairing an image concerns the faces of people within the photograph. If the damage goes across distinctive areas of the face such as eyes, lips, the nose etc then the process of repairing the image is much more complicated. 

What is the cost?

The cost of working on a photograph depends on the amount of damage that needs repairing. Likewise, with the retouching service, the cost rises with the amount of retouching required. 

Photograph copying is priced to size so that larger images are more expensive than smaller ones. If an image is larger than A2 then special large scanners are required to digitise the photograph. Another alternative would be to have a copy shot done with a digital camera.

Do I offer quotations?

Yes. The easiest way of finding out the cost is to let me take a look at the work.

What images can you copy?

Virtually any image can be copied. Previous clients have provided photographs, transparencies (slides) and negatives. Photographs have come in all shapes and sizes. Negative and transparency sizes can be of any size up to 5×4 inches. I can also copy small pictures, drawings and painting up to A2.

What about the copyright?

The copyright of the photograph is important and in most cases belongs to whoever took the photo or won the drawing, painting etc. Copyright law limits the range of images you are permitted to copy – ownership of the photo is not the same thing as ownership of the copyright. If you are unsure then the advice is available if necessary.

How long does it take?

7 to 10 days is the usual time frame but for complicated repair jobs, it can take longer.

What paper does the new print come on?

The new image will be printed onto premium quality Fuji Pro paper in a range of print finishes including glossy or lustre. Prints are usually supplied in lustre finish unless instructed otherwise.

Can the image be supplied as a digital file?

Yes. The image can be supplied in a number of formats from jpeg to PNG. Files can be emailed, put onto CD/DVD disc or added to Dropbox for collection via a link. If you would prefer to send the prints/negatives via the post, they can be sent via recorded or next day delivery. Please contact us for more details using the contact page.

Can I send a digital file rather than a print for repair?

Yes. The digital image can be supplied on a memory card/stick, flash drive, optical media or emailed to me.



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