I’ve have been a photographer since 2001 and was based in North Yorkshire for sixteen years before moving up to County Durham, UK in the summer of 2017. Alongside the key photography services, I also provide website design and support services utilising the popular WordPress content management system. Details about the WordPress website services can be found HERE

Richard Flint Photography provides several services including copying, repair and retouching photography. In recent years I have also started to contribute images to stock photography agencies including Getty Images. Photograph repair, copying and retouching services using PhotoShop are also provided.

Previous clients include The British Army, British Telecom, ClearStory, Influential Concepts and Communications, Faversham House Group, and Chadwick Lawrence. My work has been used by a wide variety of clients including newspapers, magazines, book authors, local businesses, community groups, and local media.

Enquiries regarding commissions, pricing, photograph repairs or services etc are always welcome – contact details can be found HERE.

Richard Flint - self portrait, 2010
Self Portrait, 2010

Photographer Profile

My introduction to photography started with the purchase of a small, plastic 126 film camera from a small chemist shop in the historic town of Conwy, North Wales while on holiday with my parents in 1984. A couple of film cameras later I was introduced to the darkroom at school where my love for the creative photography process started to kick in.

The photography bug kicked in when I was introduced to the darkroom at school and taught the process of developing and printing a photograph. The darkroom fired up my passion for photography. Above all, it allowed me to control the creative process from start to finish.

Photography Education

In late 1991, I started my photographic education at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland College of Art (now called The Northern School of Art) studying TV, Film and Photography. This led to a Higher National Diploma (HND) in photography and finally to a BA (Hons) qualification in photography in 1998.

Many of my influences come from photojournalism, cinema, and painting. I especially admire the work of photographers such as Larry Burrows, Chris Killip, Peter Korniss, Philip Jones Griffiths, John Tordai and John Claridge, to name just a few.

Photography, Video and Audio

I enjoy the speed and convenience of digital formats but also still have a love for film photography. Both have advantages and disadvantages and provide their own unique challenges. The different workflows from those different formats and the results from both mediums provide a broad canvas to work from. Similarly, I work with many formats from mobile phone through to large-format cameras.

My studies initially focused on documentary photography but later I became interested in other areas of photography. This has broadened out in recent years to include website design. One area I would like to explore further, however, is video production.

A long-term audio history community project I was involved with for several years, produced a local audio history archive, documenting and recording local community life from years past. The aim was to build up an audio history of the parish. Recorded conversations with older residents were used as part of a local history exhibition. The audio history is a fascinating historical audio record of village life in North Yorkshire. Those recordings can be heard HERE.

Photography Books

Hanimex 88x. My first camera - photographer profile
Hanimex 88x – My first camera

My first photography book Sea, Sky, Sand and Street was released in 2011.  Sea, Sky Sand and Street can be purchased via Blurb and the iTunes iBookstore.  

The 80-page book features over 70 landscape, street and documentary images shot in a variety of rural, urban and coastal locations along the north Norfolk coast. Shot over sixteen days in June/July 2011, all of the photographs were taken using an iPhone. In 2019 a photo zine called ‘Caught by the Tide’ was released as a follow up to the Sea, Sky, Sand and Street book. Details about the zine can be found HERE

Another planned book will bring together a collection of around forty to fifty 6×6 and 35mm photographs. The images were taken over ten years as part of the long-running Norfolk photography project. The Norfolk Project book will bring together a collection of documentary and landscape images, shot in a variety of locations between 2001 and 2011.

A first book featuring 6×6 photography from the project is planned for release soon. More details about that long-term photography project and a gallery of images taken around Norfolk can be found HERE.

Four photography books are planned for release over the next two years; two photography books feature images taken in Edinburgh and another two photo books that will include Norfolk images shot in 2016 and a collection of photographs from the Highlands of Scotland. Check the news section for updates.

The Photography Blogs

Photographing Eilean Donan, Highlands of Scotland, 2012 | Copyright - Richard Flint Photography
Eilean Donan – Highlands of Scotland, 2012

More details about me and my photography can be found on this website or via the Richard Flint Photography weblog. I launched the blog in 2007, which now has a large archive of posts covering classic and contemporary photography, photographer profiles, links, reviews and more. However, some other blogs deserve a mention.

A second photography blog called Darker Skies has a more personal perspective. It features an assortment of my photography, both film and digital, as well as the occasional musing on a photography issue.

Darker Skies was originally launched in 2009 to post darker, dramatic styles of colour and monochrome photography that I love so much. However, over the years the site has gradually taken on a role of its own as a photography scrapbook, mobile blogging platform and personal photoblog. In addition, it has become the home of the podcast links page.

The final photography blog on Tumblr is called 50MM. It’s a mixture of new images and influential photography by iconic photographers, with contemporary, classic and vintage images.

Other Interests

My interests include aviation, running, chess, cinema and history. I love collecting books and especially like a good rummage around a good second-hand book shop. Travel is something I enjoy and I especially love the diverse and beautiful landscapes in Scotland. I feel most at home around lochs, mountains, moors and forests. I do enjoy walking and climbing with one of my proudest achievements being reaching the summit of Ben Nevis in September 2020.

Social Media

For a number of years, I was active on social media but gradually I’ve reduced the number of platforms has been reduced so that only Instagram remains. The Richard Flint Instagram feed contains a growing collection of regularly updated images with a large archive of over 1000 images going back to 2012.

More Richard Flint Photography-related websites can be found via the links page.

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