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My introduction to photography started innocently enough with the purchase of a small 126 camera from a small chemist shop in the town of Conwy, North Wales while on holiday with my parents in 1984.

profile - Richard Flint - self portrait, 2010The photography bug really kicked in when i was introduced to a darkroom and had control over the whole process of making a photograph.  It just seemed so magical that an image could suddenly appear out of nowhere. The darkroom really fired up my passion for photography, allowing me to control the creative process from start to finish. I realised at that point that photography was what i wanted to do as a career.

In late 1991, I went into further education to learn photography. I started my photographic education at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland College of Art studying TV, Film and Photography, which eventually led onto a Higher National Diploma (HND) and finally to a BA (Hons) qualification in photography.

My studies initially focussed on documentary photography but later I became interested in other areas of commercial photography. Multimedia is another area of interest that i’m currently experimenting with audio production being a particular passion.

Established in 2001, Richard Flint Photography was located near York for 16 years before moving up to County Durham in the summer 2017. The services provided range from editorial photography through to website design using the popular WordPress content management system. Details about the website design service can be found HERE

Any queries regarding commissions, pricing or services are welcome and can be sent to me using the contact details found HERE.

Previous clients include: The British Army, British Telecom, ClearStory, Influential Concepts and Communications, Faversham House Group, Chadwick Lawrence and community groups, magazines, local businesses and individuals including musicians, authors and local media.

Richard Flint

Richard Flint

Independent Photography Professional at Richard Flint Photography
Professional photographer based in the North East of England, producing editorial and documentary photography, multimedia and WordPress website design.
Richard Flint


Photographer based in the north east of England.
Richard Flint
Richard Flint
Richard Flint

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A mix of film and digital formats are used to create images. I love both formats and see them as different sides of the same coin, with both having advantages and disadvantages. It’s about enjoying the different user experiences and the results of using both mediums. I work on most formats from an iPhone through to a large format 5×4 camera. For me, it’s the final image that matters and not the equipment used to capture it.

Photography at Eilean Donan

I’ve a strong interest in multimedia, mixing audio, video, photography and the internet, to create new ways of presenting media.

A long-term project I was involved with, aims to produce an audio history archive, documenting and recording local community life from years past, using recorded conversations with older residents.  Combined with imagery from archive film and photography sources, the audio footage from residents living in the community will create a fascinating soundtrack.

Photography books are also an area of interest that i wish to continue exploring and develop further. The book format is still a great way of bringing together stories and images into a simple package.

The first of two Norfolk photography books was released in 2011 called Sea, Sky, Sand and Street and it can purchased via Blurb and the iTunes iBookstore.  The 80 page book features over 70 landscape, street and documentary images taken in the beautiful county of Norfolk, over sixteen days in June/July 2011, using an iPhone.

The second book, currently being put together, will bring together a collection of around eighty monochrome and colour photographs taken during the first eleven year phase of the long running Norfolk photography project.  The Norfolk Project book will bring together a collection of documentary and landscape images, shot in a variety of locations between 2001 and 2011. The scale of the work produced during that time means that a series of Norfolk books are planned for release.

Other photography book releases are planned including a book about the Highlands of Scotland which is currently in development. Further book releases are certainly planned for the foreseeable future.

Many of my influences come from film making, cinema, reportage and advertising photography. The list of influences is huge, but I especially admire the work of photographers like Larry Burrows, Chris Killip, Peter Korniss, Bob Carlos Clarke, Philip Jones Griffiths, John Tordai, Elliott Erwitt,  Steve McCurry, Sebastião Salgado, and John Claridge, to name just a few.

More details about me and my photography can be found on this website or via the weblog which features the newest film and digital photography.

A second photography blog called Darker Skies offers a more personal perspective, acts as a mobile blogging platform and also features all sorts of photography and the occasional musing on a photography issue.

A final photography blog on Tumblr called 50MM posts most days, and features what can only be described as photography miscellanea – a mixture of contemporary photography, photojournalism, mobile photography, influential photography by photographers old and new, videos and website links – gathered from all sorts of places.

Away of photography, my interests include aviation, chess, cinema and reading history focussing mainly on medieval, English civil war, Scottish history and World War II subject matter. I especially like a good rummage around a good second-hand book shop.

Richard Flint Photography can be found on Twitter where great photo website links, news,  photographs, videos and status updates are regularly posted daily – plus there is also an Instagram feed with a variety of new images being posted to the gallery site.

More Richard Flint Photography related websites can be found via the links page.

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