THE NORFOLK PROJECT | Landscape and Documentary Photography

Part documentary and part landscape, the photographs here are part of a self-initiated long term project documenting the social, historical and geographic aspects of the English county of Norfolk using digital, 35mm and 645/6×6 medium format photography.

The Norfolk project really started to take shape in 2001 with the idea to document an English county and to have an long term photography project. Some photographs had been shot prior to 2001, with some early photography and idea for a project going back to 1998. These images have also been added into the project. The photographs of the memorials on the clifftop at Hunstanton were among those early images.

The photography book ‘Photographer’s Britain – Northumberland’ by photographer John Tordai was a big influence – the 1993 photography book being a mixture of documentary and landscape photography documenting the varied geography and history of Northumberland in the north east of England.

New project material was last shot in September 2016 during a week long visit to the county (the final few images in the gallery starting with the couple on windswept beach) but otherwise the Norfolk Project is currently on hold. It will return at a later date.

A photography book is planned and the webpage for that can be found HERE

A detailed account of the Norfolk Project can be found via the featured photography page located HERE