Solo Photo Book Month PDF Books

Three free PDF photobooks, created for the discontinued online ‘Solo Photo Book Month’ project that took place every year between 2008-2011, are available to download on this page.

The Solo Photo Book Project was an online project where the aim was to create a PDF photography book with thirty five or more images, in just 31 days. Photographers from all over the world took part with hundreds of books created during the project’s life. Sadly the project folded due to increasing costs in 2011.

Three books were created between 2009 to 2011. I, unfortunately, heard about the project too late to take part in the Solo Photo Book Month Project for 2008.

Book Releases

The first book created for the Solo Photo Book Month project was called ‘Walled City‘. It featured landscape and street photography images taken in the historic city of York, on a very hot May day in 2009, using the old city wall as a vantage point. The images were laid out in the book in the order they were taken.

The second book, ‘Making Movies‘ created in 2010, documented the production of a vampire movie in Whitby. The Polaroid-style images were taken using an iPhone app. The version seen here is the extended edition that contains extra photographs from the six weeks of shooting images.

The third and final book was ‘Sand, Sea, Sky and Street‘. The street and landscape images were taken in the English county of Norfolk over a sixteen day period in the summer of 2011. All of the photos were made using an iPhone. The images were again laid out in the book in the order they were taken.

The PDF book was later turned into an extended printed edition called Sea, Sky, Sand and Street that was released in August 2011.

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Walled City: Photographs of York PDF Photobook
Making Movies PDF Photobook
Sand, Sky, Sea and Street PDF Book