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Welcome to the photography portfolio overview page featuring a mix of commissioned and self-initiated photography work.

overview of images featured in the photography portfolio

The galleries listed contain a mixture of commissioned and self-initiated work including editorial, documentary and editorial, promotional and portrait photography. All of the galleries can be viewed using the full-screen option by clicking the button located on the second left of the top navigation panel. More controls such as auto play and social media sharing can be found on the top navigation panel of each gallery.

Extended and Featured Photography Galleries

Several of the galleries, including the speedway meet and the territorial army portfolio galleries, have been extended to include previously unseen images.

Along with the portfolio sections, a special series of pages are available under the title ‘featured photography’ where the background detail behind the photography is discussed. Two ‘featured photography’ pages are currently available for Sea, Sky, Sand and Street and The Norfolk Project.

The Photo Books and Photo Zines

The photobook pages feature several projects including the recently released ‘Caught by the Tide’ photo zine and the 2011 book ‘Sea, Sky, Sand and Street’. A number of free and downloadable PDF photography books can also be accessed HERE.

Purchase a Print

The Richard Flint Photography RedBubble store has a wide range of images available as framed, canvas prints, art boards, metal prints, acrylic block plus lots more! Exclusive to the website is a unique range of 20×16 framed artwork. These prints are framed by hand, individually numbered and signed by the photographer and only available (the UK only) from the website shop.

Clothing, Phone Cases, Home Decor and More

Many of the images seen in the portfolio galleries are also available on a range of items such as T-shirts, phone cases, home decor, and more. Check out the Redbubble shop for the complete collection of items.

Blogs and Social Media

New images are posted on the weblogs that can be found HERE and on the Richard Flint Photography Instagram page that can be found HERE.


Northumberland: Castles and Coast

Castles and Coast Over the years, the northern county of Northumberland has played a pivotal role in my life as a photographer. It remains my favourite English county due to its rugged landscape and fascinating history. The landscape, shoreline, castles and history of Northumberland come together to create the perfect canvas for photographers. Around the same time as my visit, the photojournalist John Tordai visited the county as part of the Photographer's Britain book series. Tordai had been brought up in Northumberland and the book was a fond look at the landscape, people and history of the ancient county. The fantastic documentary images remain a big influence on my work to this day. A small selection of images from earlier visits will be added to this gallery at a later date. Northumberland The flag of the historic county of Northumberland To say that the county has a rich history would [...]

Mull of Galloway: The Lighthouse

Gulls, Gales and Grandeur The Mull of Galloway is Scotland's most southerly point with panoramic views across the Irish Sea to the coasts of England, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland. The photography in the gallery covers the Mull of Galloway but also extends out over the nearby Rhins of Galloway to include locations such as Port Logan and Portpatrick. The visit to the Mull provided a great opportunity to see one of Scotland's most beautiful coastal areas but there were a few surprises I wasn't expecting. The Mull has a remote feel when you arrive. Stranraer is only 28 miles away and yet it feels like a Scottish island. Big Screen Film and TV productions have certainly tapped into this 'Hebridean feel for several productions including BBC TV's Two Thousand Acres of Sky and the 2018 film The Vanishing which used a variety of locations around the [...]

Scotland: Climbing Ben Nevis

There is no sport like mountaineering. It is the overcoming of difficulties, the mental climbing, as well as the physical, that give it such a zest. The troubles of life seem to fade away in the presence of the everlasting hills. We may go out tired and worn in mind and body; we return renewed and restored: health re-established and friendships strengthenedJane Inglis Clark  Pictures and Memories, published in 1938, The high point of 2020... quite literally! Even a bad year can have its high points. In my case, it was the chance to climb Ben Nevis during a visit to the Highlands of Scotland in September 2020. My experience was rather nicely summed up in the Jane Inglis Clark quote seen above. There were a number of occasions that I came very close to turning around and heading back down the mountain. I'm so glad that I didn't. As [...]

Islay: Lord of the Isles

Islay: Lord of the Isles | Documentary and Landscape Photography Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland with a rich history, diverse landscape and plenty of whisky distilleries. For over 400 years Islay was the centre for the Lordship of the Isles. At their height, the Lords of the Isles were the greatest landowners and most powerful lords in Britain after the Kings of England and Scotland. The journey to Islay involves a long, but beautiful drive through the Highlands, followed by a fabulous (depending on the weather you get) 1 hr 45 minutes ferry trip from the terminal at Kennacraig. The route is a busy one with many visitors heading to Islay intent on experiencing the nine distilleries (more are in development) that offer tours and tastings. I wanted to experience a bit of everything... including the distilleries. https://youtu.be/Qs__xyr12xw Lordship of the Isles Historically Islay [...]

Edinburgh: Seven Hills

Edinburgh: Seven Hills | Street and Landscape Photography “Edinburgh isn’t so much a city, more a way of life… I doubt I’ll ever tire of exploring Edinburgh, on foot or in print.” Ian Rankin 'in eden Edinburgh, centred on the rockour city with your seven hills and heavens' To Edinburgh’ by Valerie Gills 'Edinburgh is one of Britain's most beautiful cities, 'a dream in masonry and living rock' perched upon ancient crags, with the medieval maze of the Old Town gazing across verdant gardens to the Georgian elegance of the New Town.'AA Guidebook to Edinburgh The description above does come from a guidebook but beautifully sums up the appeal of visiting Edinburgh. It's one of my favourite cities in the UK. Fortunately, it's only around 1hr 40 mins train ride away from where I live. Close enough for a good day trip out. My first visit took place in 1992. [...]

The Two Towns

Edinburgh: The Two Towns | Street Photography and Landscape The Two Towns is an Edinburgh iPhone photography project shot in late 2015. The start of the project started, rather spookily, in a similar fashion to a visit described by an author over 85 years ago in a Scottish travel guidebook from the 1930s. The book had been purchased a couple of years before from a roadside bric-a-brac shop on Skye. In his book 'The Glory of Scotland', first published in 1932, the author J.J Bell eloquently describes arriving in Edinburgh via the railway : 'Emerging from either of the stations, you find yourself standing with To-day and Yesterday on the broad pavement of the present, looking up at a panorama of the past'J.J Bell - The Glory of Scotland Exiting Waverley Over eighty years later, that description still rings true as you emerge into the modern commercial hustle and bustle [...]

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