Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Overview
Portfolio Overview 2017-12-10T14:04:06+00:00

Welcome to the portfolio area featuring a mixture of commissioned and self initiated photography work. The section of the website is under constant development with new images being added on a regular basis so check back often for updates.

The galleries listed are a mixture of commissioned and self initiated work including editorial, documentary and editorial, promotional and portrait photography. All of the galleries can be viewed using the full screen option by clicking the button located on the second left of the top navigation panel.

The individual portfolio galleries section can be found HERE. Work is underway on several galleries as they are expanded to include audio, video and new images. See the news section of the website for recent portfolio update information.

Several of the galleries, i.e Speedway and the Territorial portfolio sections, have been extended to include previously unseen images. Along with the portfolio, a special series of pages are being introduced under the title ‘featured photography’ where the background behind the photography is discussed in more detail. Two ‘featured photography’ pages are currently available for Sea, Sky, Sand and Street and The Norfolk Project.

The photobook pages feature several projects and work on a new multimedia section using video, audio and photography is under-way.

New images are posted regularly on the weblog that can be viewed HERE and the Instagram photo gallery that can be found HERE.

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