Designing and producing photography books offer a unique way of presenting a project and also offer a challenge to the photographer. The result can be the perfect blend of image and text in a convenient presentation package.

A downloadable PDF book offers a fresh, and yet familiar, way of presenting information to the viewer. Events, projects and ideas can be laid out in text, photographs and illustrations giving  a one document solution to presentations that can be easily distributed and viewed whenever the viewer wishes to.

The downloadable photo books featured below were produced for the Solo Photo Book Month project where the goal was to shoot, edit and create a PDF photo book containing 35+ images in the space of 31 days. It was a challenging project on a number of levels and a great introduction to creating, developing and using the photography book format. Design, layout, the text, order and use of the photographs are just some of the considerations that have to taken into account.

Each book was different and had its own challenges that needed to be overcome, but the immense satisfaction that a finished book gives is unbeatable. Sadly the Solo Photo Book Month Project closed for good in 2011, but all of the book projects seen on this website stem from that project’s introduction to making a photography book.

Several book publishing projects are currently planned including a Hadrian’s Wall landscape book and a second book featuring a retrospective look back over ten years of photography from the Norfolk project. Another book being developed will feature images taken on the Isle of Skye and around the Highlands of Scotland. The release date for that book is to be confirmed.

A completely brand new, redesigned and published edition of the 2011 Sand, Sky, Sea and Street Solo Photo Book month book has been released under the title Sea, Sky, Sand and Street.

The book features photography from the original free PDF book along with brand new photographs, printed onto premium quality paper, and is available to purchase with prices starting at £22 plus postage. The book is available in softcover and hardback editions.

An iPhone/iPad edition is also available for just £2.49 from Blurb and Apple iTunes.

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More book releases are planned and printed copies will be made available to purchase via

BUY THE BOOK HERE – Prices start from £22

Sea, Sky, Sand and Street: Photography by Richard Flint | Eighty page 7×7 inches (18×18 cm) softcover photobook  (UK)

Sea, Sky, Sand and Street: Photography by Richard Flint | Eighty page 7×7 inches (18×18 cm) softcover photobook  (USA)

More purchase links for European countries and Australia can be found HERE


Three free PDF photobooks, created for the discontinued online ‘Solo Photo Book Month’ project that took place every year between 2008-2011, are available to download on this page.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader