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The Two Towns

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SCOTLAND | Edinburgh: The Two Towns

In his book ‘The Glory of Scotland’, first published in 1932, the author J.J Bell eloquently describes arriving in Edinburgh via the railway :

‘Emerging from either of the stations, you find yourself standing with To-day and Yesterday on the broad pavement of the present, looking up at a panorama of the past’

Over eighty years later, that description still rings true as you emerge into the modern commercial hustle and bustle of Princes Street from Waverley railway station. The Christmas market (complete with a big wheel and the whirling ‘Star Flyer’ ride) which takes place from late November through to new Year, also brings in the crowds to what is an already impressive high street.

Above the city sits the old town, Royal Mile and Edinburgh castle – a reminder of Edinburgh’s history and turbulent past. (more…)

A Stone’s Throw

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A Stone’s Throw | Tintype styled landscape and still-life photography.

This photography project uses a coloured tintype visual style and explores the local roads and fields around the North Yorkshire countryside, with the images shot within two miles of my former home.

Several of the images include locations that, though very close to home, I had never been visited before even though i’d lived in that area for over 35 years. The phrase ‘a stone’s throw‘ refers to the short distances involved.

The tintype photo process, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, dates back to the Victorian era, being at its most popular during the 1860′s and 1870′s. The original Victorian process used several highly toxic ingredients including potassium cyanide as a fixer. These images were, however, taken using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic photography app.

More details about the Tintype photo process can be found HERE

[The images are best viewed with the gallery in full screen mode]

The Maypole

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THE MAYPOLE | Photographs set around a Maypole located in a North Yorkshire village.

Maypoles were traced to prehistoric times when the Tree Spirit was worshipped (Sir James George Frazer in his book ‘The Golden Bough‘). People danced around the poles but did not plait them. Today, the tradition is still observed in some parts of Europe and among European communities in North America.

The Maypole tradition hasn’t always met with approval. The Long Parliament’s ordinance of 1644 described maypoles as “a Heathenish vanity, generally abused to superstition and wickedness.” When Charles II took the throne in 1660 Maypole dancing came back after the crackdown during the Cromwell era.

Slingsby’s maypole history goes back a great many years. The current Maypole was erected in 1985 (the video can be found on the Slingsby village website) and is used each year for May Day celebrations attracting big crowds.

Single Images

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Collection of single images featuring documentary and editorial photography by Richard Flint Photography

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