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fishing boats moored in harbour with evening light at Campbeltown, Scotland
Fishing boats moored in harbour at Campbeltown, Scotland

555 Images on Redbubble

The Redbubble store continues to grow further with the recent addition of photographs from around Campbeltown and the Isles of Arran bringing the total number of images available on the store to a memorable five hundred and fifty five!

The newly added images include images of fishing boats returning and moored in harbour at Campbeltown plus other landscape and seascape images from around the coast of Arran and Kintyre.

More images from around the UK

A great range of photographs are now available to buy as framed or canvas prints, t-shirts, phone cases etc via the online shop. Other recent image additions to the store include photographs from Northumberland, the 2015 Two Towns project and several archive photographs dating back to the mid-1990s.

More images will be added over the next few months with theaim to expand the images available on Redbubble to 600+ by the summer of 2024.

Visit the store

Check out the great photography and products at the Richard Flint Photography Redbubble store

Richard Flint Photography TeePublic Store

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The Richard Flint Photography TeePublic site

New TeePublic Store

I’m pleased to announce the Richard Flint Photography TeePublic store. A great range of photographs are now available to buy as wall art, clothing, phone cases etc via the online shop..

The site features many of my best images including landscape and documentary images from locations around England, Wales and Scotland.

The Richard Flint Photography TeePublic store can be found at

Island Tones

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Ailsa Craig – 16 km west of mainland Scotland

It has been a year of surprises. Not all of them have been pleasant but one surprise I did like was how my photograph of Ailsa Craig turned out. It turned out to be one of those happy events where all the elements come together to produce something outside of my usual photographic style.

Tonal Forecast

Considering the weather conditions and visibility the photograph has a lovely pastel quality. It’s probably BECAUSE of the weather and visibility that the image took on the tonal look it does. Over the years I’ve come to regard my photography style as typically from the documentary school of photography. Gritty, contrasty, sometimes with an element of humour, more often containing some dramatic elements to add some punch to the image. The Ailsa Craig image has something else to it.

Kentmere Days

Many years ago, during my time as a student, my documentary group started experimenting with different paper types. Kentmere produced some wonderful fibre-based papers including one called Art Classic. Sadly the paper is no longer manufactured with the last batch produced in 2017. That’s a big shame because we found that the paper was very good when using toned. My personal favourite was selenium toner. My old documentary group went a bit mad for the art paper (they bought a lot of boxes!) although I personally chose to stay with my regular Ilford Multigrade paper. I loved the Kentmeere paper but found it lacking some of the contrast punch I liked.

Perfect Tone

Although my Ailsa Craig image is in colour, the tones just reminded me of the Kentmere days with my fellow photo mates at college. The tones, a few surprises and a small amount of experimentation reaped great results. Great times. With this image though it seems that it was a heady mix of atmospheric conditions, exposure settings and a bit of magic that came together to create the image. The tones might be a departure from my usual style but I like the end result.

RedBubble Prints

The photograph of Ailsa Craig in the Scottish mist and rain has been added to the RedBubble store and is available to buy as prints etc HERE 

Waiting for a Bus?

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I rather like this photograph. It came along quite by chance as I was having some food. I especially liked the juxtaposition of the people within the frame. It was taken at Lochranza on the north coast of the Isle of Arran. The ferry terminal to get back to the mainland is just a short distance away.

The couple in the bus shelter did not appear to be waiting for a bus. I think they had just decided to shelter from the squally showers and have a rest using the chairs in the bus shelter. It’s quite common to find a chair or two in the shelters on the Scottish Islands.

I managed to get this image with my phone and some others on the DSLR without them noticing.


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