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fishing boats moored in harbour with evening light at Campbeltown, Scotland
Fishing boats moored in harbour at Campbeltown, Scotland

555 Images on Redbubble

The Redbubble store continues to grow further with the recent addition of photographs from around Campbeltown and the Isles of Arran bringing the total number of images available on the store to a memorable five hundred and fifty five!

The newly added images include images of fishing boats returning and moored in harbour at Campbeltown plus other landscape and seascape images from around the coast of Arran and Kintyre.

More images from around the UK

A great range of photographs are now available to buy as framed or canvas prints, t-shirts, phone cases etc via the online shop. Other recent image additions to the store include photographs from Northumberland, the 2015 Two Towns project and several archive photographs dating back to the mid-1990s.

More images will be added over the next few months with theaim to expand the images available on Redbubble to 600+ by the summer of 2024.

Visit the store

Check out the great photography and products at the Richard Flint Photography Redbubble store

Redbubble Store hits 300 images

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In late September the Richard Flint Photography Redbubble page passed a small, but significant milestone with over 300 images – from Norfolk, Edinburgh, Glencoe, Islay, North Wales and many more – now available to buy as wall art, clothing, phone cases etc via the online shop.

This year has been a tough one, for obvious reasons. The COVID pandemic has strayed into all aspects of our lives in ways that we’d have thought unthinkable until recently. With restrictions in place, the opportunities to gather new images for Redbubble etc have been rather thin on the ground so to pass the 300 mark shows a least a little progress. It’s definitely been a year for safely getting whatever small victories you can.

A week-long trip up to the Highlands of Scotland in September managed to gather some images to further boost the Redbubble submissions for this year. A new Ben Nevis collection of images has been started on the store containing images from a climb to the summit made on September 17th 2020. Definitely my high point :) in an otherwise unpleasant year. More images will be added to the collection over the coming weeks.

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