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The Richard Flint photography blog was started in February 2007 as a website for new images, website and podcast links, reviews and articles covering a broad range of photographers and photography.

The blog contains news, website and podcast links, photo features, photographer profiles, etc. While the photography blog may cover on a wide variety of photographic topics, its main focus is on the processes of image making from Wet Plate Collodian right through to the most recent digital multimedia, the photography itself and the photographers who make those fantastic images. The focus is on the image itself and not the camera used to get it.

Subscribing to the Richard Flint Photography blog is easy! You can subscribe to the blog by adding the RSS Feed to a feedreader such as Feedly or Feedreader. Another easy way to subscribe is by signing up to the photography blog’s E-mail updates that are delivered directly to your E-mail inbox. You can unsubscribe from the E-mail update service at any time. Just enter your email address into the sign up forms located in the sidebar on the blog websites.

Visit the photography blog website at:- https://www.richflintphoto.blogspot.co.uk

A second photo blog called Darker Skies was launched in August 2009 and is a more personal, informal blog. It’s a photography scrapbook, a mobile blog for when I’m out and about, home for the podcast links page and a place for occasional musings, ramblings and observations on photography/world. The Darker Skies site can be found at https://darkerskies.wordpress.com

The Darker Skies RSS Feed can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/DarkerSkies

This page displays five of the most recent posts from the the two blogs mentioned above.

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