Board backed Envelopes with 'Please do not bend' written across the front provide a high level of protection
Reinforced envelopes

Posting photographs to be copied or repaired can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available to provide the best protection for prints during their journey through the postal system.

Posting photographs up to A4

The board backed Envelopes with ‘Please do not bend’ written across the front provide a high level of protection. Most Post Offices, supermarkets or stationery shops should have them in stock.

An extra bit of cardboard can be added to further reinforce the envelope if required.

Sending photographs larger than A4

Poster tube - ideal for sending large images through the post
Poster Tube

For photographs larger than A4 the best protection comes from poster tubes made with thick cardboard. The print can be rolled up without the risk of bending.

Sizes go up to A1 which can carry photography or artwork up to 841x594mm (33.1×23.4ins). These tubes are incredibly strong and offer the best protection for large images.

Poster tubes are available in many sizes at Post Offices, supermarkets or stationery shops. The larger sizes can be found on Amazon or any online office supply website.

Postal Option

If you are sending photographic prints, negatives or slides via the post, the recommended postage option would be using a recorded or tracked special delivery service. Delivery can then be followed using the reference number supplied.

The original and new copy is returned using Royal Mail’s recorded delivery service. Other postage options including the 24hr tracked special delivery service are also available at extra cost ( £5 extra). A tracking number can be supplied so that the items can be followed through to delivery. Emails are sent on arrival on the original photos via post and also when they are dispatched back so the client always remains informed.

The Photograph Copying, Repair and Retouching Services

The Photoshop digital services provide image copyingretouching or restoration of old or damaged photographs.

Photographs can be badly affected by fading, damage by water, smoke or bright light. An original image can be scanned and repaired to produce a new image. This can be printed extending the lifespan of the photograph. The original can then be stored away and a new copy can take its place on the wall etc.

Photo retouching/alteration can remove or add people or items to photograph. Retouching can produce the image you want by altering the content and look of the photograph.

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