Work is currently underway on a photography book that brings images together from a number of trips to the Highlands of Scotland and Skye.

The book will feature over 50+ pages, around 40 images and has been designed in a large landscape 13×11 (33x28cm) large landscape format that will be available via the Blurb website, with an additional iPad edition available from Blurb or the iTunes iBookstore.

The provisional release date for the book is still to to be confirmed.


Above is a work-in-progress example of the book cover. The images will remain but changes to the title and other text will be made.

More news and book updates coming to this page soon

The book will be released using the Blurb service and will be in a 13×11 (33x28cm) large landscape hardcover format.
The expected release date is to be confirmed. The book purchase price is still also to be confirmed.