The Podcast changes Hosting

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Moving Audio

The past few weeks have seen large changes take place with regard to the Richard Flint Photography podcast. After ten years at the same podcast hosting company, a decision was made to move to which is part of Spotify.

The new host provides better distribution options including making the podcast newly available on Spotify as well as mobile tools for recording while out and about. The process of running and maintaining the podcast has been made much easier.

Avaailable on Spotify

The transition over to new hosting took place a couple of weeks ago with the minimum amount of disruption to subscribers. However, the raw RSS feed on the previous host has now been shut down and will no longer deliver new episodes of the podcast. The recommended podcast feed to receive new episodes of the podcast can be found at

More options to subscribe to the podcast can be found on the podcast page at

The Podcast

If you haven’t come across the podcast it’s released monthly, and looks at photo news, photographers, exhibitions plus links to photography, videos and multimedia and lots more. A number of additional bonus podcasts are also recorded each year on location or focus on specific photography related topics.

RFP Podcast: Back to the Future The Richard Flint Photography Podcast

In this podcast: Richard heads back to the RSS feeds as a way of getting new sources of photography news and content after stepping away from social media. Dusting off those old blog feeds and seeing what works. The main website gets a new portfolio gallery with Northumberland: Castles and Coast added to the site. The podcast links look at the legendary photojournalist Bert Hardy who has a retrospective exhibition on at The Photographers' Gallery in London until June 2nd. Podcast Links The Gorbals of the 1940s – through Bert Hardy's eyes Bert Hardy: Photojournalism in War and Peace Fri 23 Feb 2024 – Sun 02 Jun 2024 – The Photographers' Gallery Bert Hardy | Getty Images Gallery
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