Website goes https

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I’m pleased to announce that over the weekend richardflintphoto.com changed over to a secure https connection, meaning all communications between your browser and the website are now encrypted.

More details about https and why you should use it can be found at https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/security/encrypt-in-transit/why-https

New website on the way

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The website has been due a redesign for quite some time now, but the problem has always been finding a new design that met all the requirements.

Just recently i found the perfect theme to help address a few issues that were becoming more noticeable as time went on. The biggest of these was the fact that the current site is not responsive and mobile friendly, which the new site most certainly will be.  Also the theme’s developer has abandoned any support of the theme which has caused some problems over the last couple of years.

Work will start on the redesign of the website towards the end of this month and will carry on into May with the website being unavailable for around a week to ten days. A few new sections are planned and other areas will be expanded. More news soon.

An April Book Release

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commando memorial, Highlands of Scotland

The Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge, Highlands of Scotland

February saw the Scotland/Skye photography book really start to take shape as the final images came into place even though the month was full of distractions.

The book text has also come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of weeks after a bad case of what could only be called writers block.

So the project has reached the final stages with just a few design issues to be dealt with. The book should be ready for release in late April and will feature photography taken during two visits over 2012/13 to the Highlands and Isle of Skye.

More details about the project and the photography can be found HERE

[UPDATE] The book, currently at 104 pages, will now be released in mid/late 2014 after an extended period of image and text editing has been completed.

WordPress Tuition

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WordPress website design and development for businesses, organisations, communities and individuals.

Running a website can be a lot of work but a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress can ease the workload.  WordPress offers a very intuitive user experience but sometimes a little help can be useful to help learn the basics, solve problems or develop an idea that you’ve had. That’s were the RFP WordPress services comes in.

Whether it’s learning how to add posts or pages or adding extra security to a website, the WordPress service from Richard Flint Photography offers an easy pay-as-you-go option to developing the skills and experiences for running your own WordPress website. Maybe you just require some occasional technical backup to help as and when you need it or you might need a solution to a WordPress problem.

The WordPress service offers

  • WordPress Tuition
  • Website Development
  • Security Advice
  • Website Backup
  • Advice and Problem Solving

It’s a friendly service that offers you can use whenever you require any help with your website. Contact me for more details.

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