Creative and Editorial Portraiture

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PORTRAITURE | Creative and Editorial Portrait Photography

Promotional and creative portrait images for bands, actors, film productions, theatres etc

Scarborough Seafront

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Scarborough Seafront | Documentary and Promotional Photography

This series of images, commissioned by a client for promotional use, were taken on a beautiful February day along the seafront around Scarborough’s South Bay.

Scarborough is a popular resort that attracts tourists from all over the country. The images were shot to represent a diverse and interesting town that attracts people all the year round. These images were taken in fabulous light on a bright early February day.

The Grand Hotel is a magnificent building that was completed in 1867.

It was among the largest hotels in the world at that time and perfectly shows the Victorian’s significant development of the town into a seaside resort. The constant presence of the Grand hotel over the South Bay can be seen in several of the images.

Several of the photographs are available to purchase as prints HERE.

Walled City: Photographs of York

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Walled City: Photographs of York | Documentary Photography

Walled City: Photographs of York was a PDF book released for the Solo Photo Book Month project of 2009.

Solo Photo Book Month was an online photographic project (sadly the project closed in 2011) where the participants had to shoot, edit and design a PDF photo book in 31 days.

The photographs seen in the gallery were taken as part of the 2009 book project, the first of three books I would make for the project, based around the medieval city walls of York.

Views from the Wall

One of the best ways of viewing the city is from the 2.5 miles of a stone wall that look down onto the streets. The project’s aim was to capture the day-to-day activity in the city from the unique viewpoint/location of the city walls.

The book contained a collection of photographs taken from the viewpoint of, or immediately near to, the medieval city walls located in the centre of York.

PDF Photography Book

More images from this project can be found in the PDF book HERE.

The other PDF books from the Solo Photo Book Month projects are located in the photobooks section of the website.

County of Cornwall

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County of Cornwall: Documentary and Landscape Photography

Work in Progress


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