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Audio often gets ignored compared to its visual media relations, but it is still a powerful and remarkably flexible tool for storytelling. In this new media world of multimedia, sound and image can compliment each other to tell stories and to document the past.

A couple of weeks ago i did a pilot recording for a local community project that is to be expanded to create an audio archive, made up of conversations and reminisces by local people living in a village community. The aim is to record and capture their memories, thoughts and feelings about village life, the local characters (many now sadly long gone) and the immense changes that have taken place over the last sixty or more years. It’s a fascinating project and one that seems to have caught a lot of people’s imagination.

The first pilot recording went well and more are planned. Other topics will include schooling and World War II. So where does photography come into the project? Well one outlet for the audio footage will probably be an audio visual presentation using edited audio and selected images to create an audio slideshow that can be shown online.

Images and audio put together to create something even stronger.

The possibilities are endless. Best of all, the internet offers the best way of distributing this content. More news on this multimedia project coming soon.

Responsive Website

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New developments are on the way that should improve the website viewing experience for tablet computer/smart phone users.

The website has been using the Onswipe service to make the viewing experience for iPad and Android tablet users much better, however i wasn’t happy with the layout or the user functionality that Onswipe provided. It didn’t really suit the website.

Plans are under way to make the website design responsive. That means that the site design will respond and adapt its layout to the device you are using. So far the results look impressive, giving a great viewing experience to iPad and mobile phone users.

The responsive design should go live within the next few weeks.

New for 2012

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So 2012 has arrived, and what’s new at Richard Flint Photography?

Well, the work of the moving the portfolio galleries over to SlideShowPro power continues with around just three galleries left to do. The Territorial gallery is the biggest to convert over, and plenty of work will be needed to adapt the images to the new full screen slideshows. Other slideshows need more images and these will be added over the coming weeks.

The first of two new ‘featured photography’ pages will also appear in the next month or so. Does the work of developing the portfolio ever finish? No, not really.

A new page has been added to the website containing the ‘Photography News Daily’. This is an online photography newspaper, loosely edited by me, that’s released daily around 5pm GMT packed full of all the news from photographers, photo agencies, organisations, photo magazines and websites, newspapers and equipment manufacturers who reside on Twitter.

If you’d like to know what photo news stories are being talked about on Twitter, but you don’t really want to trawl through the Twittersphere, well this could be the perfect solution. Check out the Photo News Daily HERE

Finally, a new addition for RFP in 2012 is a Tumblr blog called 50mm. Quick, short, sharp shots of photography miscellanea – as i call it – is what this new blog is about. The posts will include all sorts of material – influential photography that i admire, photographer quotes, links, images, video… and even audio by yours truly. Posts will be added most days.

50mm can be found at

SlideShowPro Powered Galleries

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Work continues at pace on the website with the gradual introduction of the new SlideShowPro powered galleries like the one seen above.

So far around half of the galleries have been changed over to the new gallery viewer that allows for full screen viewing of images and mobile device access to images. Although the galleries are Flash powered for desktop and laptop users, any mobile devices accessing the website will use a HTML5 version of the slideshow. Even better is the fact that SlideShowPro also supports video playback and audio files.

Work on changing the galleries over to the new image publishing system will continue into early 2012. The galleries are, in many cases, being rebuilt from scratch to enable the best viewing of work at the full screen setting. One or two galleries (Solo Photo Book Month 2009/10) may not be included in the upgrade although no final decision has been made yet.

Navigation of the portfolio can be done in one of two ways. First of all there is the portfolio gallery page with galleries listed. The second way is via the mouse over control panel in the SlideShowPro gallery on the portfolio page.

Finally, we have the first of the ‘featured photography’ pages up and running. Selected galleries will have this extra page with more detail and insights into the photography project. The ‘featured photography’ page for Sea, Sky, Sand and Street can be found here


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